Sunday, October 23, 2011

There's something about the first time I experience things that permeates my memory with more strength than any other form. So much so that when reminded of certain events or objects, I am without fail brought back to my first time. There have been a multitude of firsts for me in the last five weeks, some superficial and obvious being my first time visiting both Australia and Asia, and my first time sitting on a flight with my own TV conveniently placed on the back of the passenger in front of mine's seat.

Here are some firsts that made me feel like this trip was worth every penny:

1. Watching fireflies dance over rice terraces in the black night (Ubud, Bali)
2. Riding a motorcycle. And flooring it. I can see why people love it so much (Agnes Water, Queensland)
3. Learning how to sail may have instilled a lifelong passion for the sport (Whitsunday Islands, Queensland)
4. Finishing my first crossword without help from mom (En Route to Byron Bay, NSW)
5. Playing with kangaroos, emus, and monkeys made me realize that humans are quite similar (Cairns, Queensland)
6. Visiting my first Hindu deity thought to have magical forces (Legian, Bali)
7. Using public transportation all by myself was a liberating and challenging experience, despite what others may say (Sydney, NSW)
8. Being called a "best mate" by an Aussie (Airlie Beach, Queensland)
9. Actually caring about the outcome of a Rugby game, and understanding what's going on every seventh play. Do they have plays? (Airlie Beach, Queensland)

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