Home Again

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am once again in The States. After experiencing reverse culture shock and the pang of a 17-hour time difference, I am now a well-rested and faithful blog poster. Let me first fill you in on what I have been doing for the last three months.

Upon graduation, I didn’t have the drive to immediately begin a career, so I escaped the pressure and dawned the 23-hour (in total) flight to Sydney, Australia. With the unique wildlife and unbeatable landscape, not to mention two of the most famous cities in the world, I couldn’t not go. And with that, I figured I would go to Indonesia as well to focus on my yoga headstands (see: child's pose).

It’s so hard to explain what I did and saw in the 77 days I was abroad, because every day was a new experience and every day was a challenge, whether it was finding someone to jump start our “vintage” van or finding a safe tree to sleep under.

The only thing I know with certainty is that the people I met along the way were what made the experience unforgettable. I drank with the Irish, laughed with the Danish, sailed with Canadians, danced with the Dutch, surfed and dined with the Aussies, explored with the English, and “took the piss out of” the Germans.

I loved cuddling with wild koalas in Otway National Park, feeding baby kangaroos in Alice Springs, playing underground in Coober Pedy, climbing Heart Attack Hill in Kings Canyon, watching the sunrise over Uluru, surfing in Byron Bay, riding motorcycles along the Bruce Highway, standing under waterfalls in Kakadu, seeing the churches of Adelaide, walking under the graffiti and devouring Thanksgiving dinner in Melbourne, exploring the Taronga Zoo and tranny bingo in Sydney, diving the Great Barrier Reef in Carins, learning how to sail in the Whitsundays, driving on the world’s largest sand island, the 360 degree views in the Grampians, the pinnacles along the Great Ocean Road, living in a van for 14 days, the temples of Indonesia, the most intense yoga known to woman and rice patties of Ubud, and all the lovely people I will remember forever.


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