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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello readers, if I have any left. I have been neglectful of my blog lately, in part because I am busy exploring some amazing wildlife in Australia and Indonesia. 
Thus, in bullet form:
  • We embarked on the Greyhound to Byron Bay, a lovely and quaint town packed with surfers, hippies, and nature lovers. I did not want to leave here.
  • Hopped on a bus to Nimbin, the hippie...and cannabis capital of Australia and home to the 1973 Aquarius Festival (think Woodstock).
  • Rode the Greyhound to Rainbow Beach, a town with virtually nothing in it, but is still on everyone's travel stops. We stayed at Pippie's Beach House and met some of the coolest people I've ever known. We ended up singing songs and passing goon around a campfire.
  • Then it was on to 1770/Agnes Waters where we spent some quality time getting vertical on surfboards, and tried our best Hells Angels impersonations when we rode motorcycles, complete with flame jackets and helmets and fake tattoos, around the Kangaroo infested town. 
  • Again. The Greyhound. This time to Hervey Bay where we began our 4W drive journey through Fraser Island.
  • The Greyhound. To Airlie Beach, one of the most beautiful, and fun towns along the East Coast. We embarked on our journey through the Whitsunday Islands from here.
  • Greyhound. Last time taking the Greyhound! Thank the Lord. We arrive in Cairns at 11 p.m. It is still 98 degrees out...100 percent humidity. 
  • Great Barrier Reef! We saw Dori, Nemo, and some sea turtles!
  • We went on Uncle Brian's Adventure and we saw the site of the Herbal Essence commercials from the 1990s, rode down a natural water slide, and saw a platypus in the wild. 
  • Spent some time in the Daintree, the world's oldest and most bio-diverse rain forest. 

  • Arrived in Bali a few hours later than we expected (we didn't account for the time change).
  • Spent nearly $100 on what exactly? Fake designer wallets, sunglasses, perfume, etc.
  • Hawkers around every corner. This is what they say to you. Always a variation of "Hello Darling. Have look in my shop," "Good morning. Have look. I give good price," "Massage?" Gets me every time.
  • Saw some amazing temples. Only problem is that it is over 100 degrees and to show respect, you need to wear sleeves and pants. Hellllloooo sweat.
  • Oh, speaking of, I have TD. The first letter stands for Traveler's and the second word you can come up with yourself. Not pretty.
  • Spent time at the Bali Museum, where I slipped on some stairs and sprained my ankle. I turned around and found nearly 35 Balinese breathless and holding their shirts over their contorted and heaving faces. Wonderful.
  • Finally make it to Ubud. Find that it is still just as hot as Legian. Not cool, Bali. Not cool. 
  • Oh, also purchased some completely legal DVDs from a store for $1 each. Have become a Gleek.
  • Still have TD. Bad.


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