Monday, July 15, 2013

Beat Museum // North Beach // San Francisco

Sometimes you are 24 and you wake up on a Sunday morning to the daylight sweeping through your rented shutters and the smell of your roommate making coffee. She pours corn flakes into a bowl and the sound takes you back to when you used to sleepover at your grandma's house and make a fort under the dining room table. You remember that she is gone now and that some things don't last forever and maybe sometimes that's ok. But it's still Sunday morning and you don't know what do to today or tomorrow or the next day and you wish you could go home and have your parents tell you what to do even though you know you still have to figure it out on your own. Your ceiling fan is on full blast from the muggy night before and your limp hair dances in its artificial wind and you feel like you can make a difference. You remember you are only 24 and you are not sure if you are crazy enough to do that yet. But then you remember that you have everything you need because the sun is shining and coffee is waiting and it might be kind of fun to prove yourself wrong. 

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