On Change

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My little sister graduated college on Saturday and I made the trip to my alma-mater to help her celebrate. What I ended up finding is that in the midst of congratulatory hugs and toasts of champagne, there were terrified faces of the freshly graduated.

Some were moving to new cities for their first jobs and knew no one. Some were so blatantly clinging to new relationships in the hopes it would last because they are so uncertain about the upcoming months and years. Most were avoiding commitment all together—from relationships to jobs to new leases on apartments.

I wanted to hug every single one of them and tell them it would be okay, but I remember hearing that on my graduation day and I wanted to punch that girl in the face. It is scary. Your friends move away, relationships and feelings fade, moving in with your parents after four years of independence is daunting, your childhood bedroom is now your mom’s craft room (or maybe just in my case).

So my love letter to all recent graduates is as follows:

Embrace the uncertainty of your life and don’t treat any decision as permanent. Even though you are educated and poised for a successful future, don’t take it all so seriously.

People will say that college is the best time of your life, but you know what’s also pretty great? Choosing to travel on a whim, and having the money to do so. Picking up and moving to the city you’ve always wanted to experience, and actually doing it. Making new friends there, friends who you are drawn to because of their passions and their minds and their interests. Being able to make a fresh start.

You are not at the end of anything unless you choose to be.


  1. I did not just graduate, but am a year ahead of a huge career defining moment. So, I needed this reminder, too. Thanks :)

    Breakfast After 10

  2. I'm not graduating for a couple years, but this is still really great to read. I'm already terrified about 'the real world.'


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