Wandering Around: Positano, Italy

Monday, April 14, 2014

The buildings in Positano, Italy are almost an afterthought. Each stacked on top of each other like legos, they're connected by cobblestoned alleyways and flanked by bakeries and butcher shops.
And as picturesque as the landscape is, the people are what make Positano so beautiful. There's no missing Maria, the owner of the grocery store adjacent to the lone Duomo. She’s happy to pair ingredients for the night’s meal and have her two sons run your loot up the 200 steps to your rented house.
Francesco is the town artist who makes magic on canvas. He sets up his easel on the main drag and waits long after the sun sets to return home again. 
The owner of the sandwich shop overlooking Fornillo Beach is named Fabio, and the name fits him perfectly. During humid afternoons he sits in the open windowsill, smokes another cigarette and watches the beautiful, bronzed, topless women swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. You can find him at the Discotheque tonight.
There are fishermen hauling the day’s catch to restaurant owners eager to grill it, and women crafting sandals from a single piece of leather.
There are kids playing football in the sand and commuters racing Vespas around every turn. There are Catholics streaming out of morning mass and there's you, out of place but right at home. 


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