Authors at Their Desks

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today marks a monumental moment in my quest for full-time employment. As a temporary employee at a government agency, I often find myself standing in front of the scanner, watching with glazed eyes as a sheer piece of paper goes left, then right, across the tiny machine until a green check mark identifies that I completed my task. So today, I got an office. A dingy office I will share with the most raucous staff member. The office is painted in a bright Minnesota Vikings purple, with dents adorning the walls. It's a windowless room and I am in the back corner. Some would gawk at this milestone by explaining that I would have been better off at my small cubicle that shared a wall with an oversized printer, but I my disposition sees this as a victory. Step one in defeating the Temp Trap. Below are documentations of authors at their desks.

Tennesse Williams

Ken Kesey

Truman Capote and Harper Lee

Ernest Hemingway

John Steinbeck

Gertrude Steinem

Jack Kerouac

John Steinbeck again

Jack Kerouac again

Steven King


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